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Thank you for visiting our website! Let me welcome you and thank you for checking out our church. Here you will find information concerning our church and its ever growing ministries.The Lord has blessed us with wonderful people and ministries that can be a help to you and your family. I am excited about all that God is doing here at Heritage Baptist Church. Our church is warm and loving, we will be honored to have you attend. My goal, as Pastor, is to be an encouragement to you and to watch you grow through the teachings of God's Word.  I count it a privilege to be your Pastor, whether it is to be in your home or hospital, hard times and  in times of rejoicing! I am looking forward to watching you grow in the Lord at Heritage Baptist Church. Pastor Hileman.

April 11, 2021   

From Pastor: CHURCH IS OPEN! 

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone again. At the moment we are just doing

11:00 Sunday Morning    IN CHURCH and LIVE STREAM
7:00 Thursday Night Bible Study   IN CHURCH and LIVE STREAM
We will be live streaming on both our Face book page and our You Tube Channel, I recommend you watch as a family.

We have implemented 6 foot distancing in our seating in the auditoruim. 
We encourage everyone to wear a mask. 

There will be no Sunday School, children classes or nursery at this time. This is stage 1 of opening and we are
excited for it to happen. 

PLEASE, we ask that if you are sick or have health problems to stay at home and watch us live stream. We want to keep you healthy! 

Remember if you aren't able to watch live, it will still be posted in both places for you to watch and share.
In 2014 we had a devastating fire that destroyed most everything we had, the Nashua Telegraph printed an article about us as we recovered, that
How true that is and for the glory of God we did pull through. I said that to remind us, and to encourage us again...We will pull through this too.

My cell, 320-1113 our home number 880-8889
praying for you all.



 11:00 - Sunday Morning Services: 

 "What Can I Do"
Mark 14:8, 4:26-29


7:00 - 8:00 Thursday Night 

Thursday Bible Study 4/15/2021 

Revelation 19-22 "Don't Give The Devil An Advantage"

Questions are from  II Corinthians 1, 2, & 3

   II Corinthians 1, 2, & 3 Bible Study - Link

Entire Book of Revelation Questions / Answers - Link

The study sheet for this weeks Bible Study Questions will be found at the above link "Revalation" / Bible Study Questions (Answers will be posted after Thursday night) 



The Fire

We want to thank you for your precious caring, praying and understanding. We are forever grateful for all Our Lord has done for us. It has been 2 years 5 months since the day of the fire and today we are 

going home. 

July 2014 - December 4, 2016


Tonight 7/13/14  during church, a teen nursery worker (Emily Hicks) smelled smoke and got Rebecca from services. As they were opening the door to the auditorium, to warn all, the alarms all sounded. We (about 80 of us) were out of the building within 3 minutes...as I walked by the nursery it was already fully engulfed with smoke...wow...we are so very thankful that all got out safely. The fire department was there within minutes of the alarms.  It was a truly touching moment,  as a fire fighter approached a group in the parking lot and asked, 'who is in charge'? They all pointed to Pastor. The fire fighter very caringly handed him the Bible that he found still open on the pulpit, he then said, 'I felt that this would be something that would be very important to you'...and he is so right.
We are receiving much news time, as it was a 3 alarm fire. Fire Departments from Mass even came. At this time church...Pray for wisdom...so many decisions to be made...we know that the roof is a complete loss or at least It looks like it. Water damage throughout the building...I watched as water sprayed out Pastors office window. There is an investigation (as with all fires) of the cause...mainly because in a tension breaker that we were stating, 'Pastor looks like we finally get that new roof'. We are a family...that is a fact! We will continue to pray and watch over one another...The building is not the church...WE ARE! Where we all are...is church. Love you all so much.
See More
To see  pictures of the fire look in our 'photo' section

If you would like more information about our church or have questions please call. 603 880-8048 Looking forward to talking to you.





This Sunday: April 11, 2021


 11:00 - Sunday Morning Services: 

"What Can I Do"

Mark 14:8,4:26-29


Thursday Night Bible Study

All are invited. LIVE IN CHURCH 7:00 and


FACE BOOK (Heritage Baptist Nashua) and

YOU TUBE (Heritage Baptist Church Pastor Hileman)

You can find the questions here on our web site Select this Link:

 II Corinthians 1, 2 & 3

Full Book of Revelation Questions / Answers - Link


April 08            Revelation 19, 20 ,21 & 22
April 15            II Corinthians 1, 2, & 3
April 22            II Corinthians 4, 5 & 6
April 29            II Corinthians 7, 8 & 9
May 06             II Corinthians 10, 11, 12 & 13

YES, We are back INSIDE our church

11:00 Sunday Morning Services

7:00  Thursday Bible Study

Our New LIVE STREAM through our face book


Watch all the Sunday Morning and Thursday services live on our Face Book Page 

11:00 Sunday Morning
7:00 Thursday Bible Study

There is also a copy of the fb live stream in the info section on the main page! 


JOIN US....We will be Live Streaming on our You Tube Channel :
Heritage Baptist Church Pastor Hileman

11:00 Sunday Mornings
7:00   Thurday Night


Heritage Baptist Academy Accepting Applications for 2020-2021 School year

Heritage Baptist Academy

Heritage Baptist Academy Introduction Video

Heritage Baptist Academy Introduction Video

For Years we have watched as  public schools have become more violent and liberal and have taken the God that we love out of education. After much prayer, Pastor has been led of God to open our own school, a place where our children can receive an exceptional education and also learn about our Lord.
 and will receive a world class education, but also be taught from God's Word.
    1.All New Students are tested to identify any gaps in their education.
    2. An individualized plan is established within which students get their own daily goals.
    3. Academic progress toward mastery is measured and posted to a chart at each student's desk.
    4. Students are motivated by receiving merits for each job well done.Each Quarter, students may use their merits to purchase great        prizes.
    5. The sixty character traits of Christ are taught every year.
Our Academy is established to train Christian youth
in the highest principles of:
leadership, self-discipline, individual responsibility, personal integrity,
good citizenship, and Christian behavior.
  The cost of a Christian Education is beyond most Christians' financial reach. Because of the importance in bringing up the next generation, the cost of  HBA  is $50 a week! This covers all their books and materials that they will need for the year. Partner together with us as we reach the next Generation!   To learn more See Pastor about
Heritage Baptist Academy -   K-5 - High School  



Heritage Baptist Institute


Spring Classes

College Classes: Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey and Doctrine

Classes every Friday 6:30 See Br. Hal Mahar for registration

Apply Before January (late applications are $24 extra) 

January - April, 2021 Classes are:

Old Testament: The Decline and Fall of Israel and Judah (Hosea, Micah, Isaiah, Jermiah...)
New Testament: The Epistles III (I, II Timothy, Titus, Hebrews, 1,2 Peter and Jude)
Doctrine: The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, Satan and Man

First time students $126 (includes books) 

Returning students $86

Spouse $53


(click on these videos to learn more)



Heritage Baptist Church

May 1993 - Today  27+ years!


Want to know more? We would gladly answer any questions you may have. Please call. 880-8048

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  April 2021  
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Thursday Night Bible Study
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Come study God's Word with us. Question sheet are found in our INFO section on our web page
ALL invited to come also available LIVE STREAM




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No Classes at this time
Nursery, Toddler, Children 5-12, Boys and Girls Teen classes, Ladies Class and an Adult class
Morning Services
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All may attend, we also have it available LIVE STREAM
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No classes at this time
3-5 years old and 6 years - 6th grade
Sunday Evening Services...No Services at this time
6:00 PM
Due to Covid...No Services at this time


Thursday Night Bible Study
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Come study God's Word with us. Question sheet are found in our INFO section on our web page
ALL invited to come also available LIVE STREAM
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